Vernors Modern

Today’s diners at the Whitney might have found it strange to be next to a giant neon sign, c. 1955

Vernor’s Ginger Ale

Delivery wagon, c. 1909

Edgar Yaeger, Modernist Master

There are many honors an artist can receive in his or her lifetime; awards, acclaim, a spot on a museum wall. For some though, it is enough to be honored by one of your peers, especially if that peer happens to be Henri Matisse.

Ideal Beauty?

Charles Waltensperger in his studio, 1929.

Charles B. King

Do you like sitting on the left side of your car? How about shifting with your right hand? These patented designs, along with 63 others, came to market courtesy of Charles Brady King. During a long career of successful inventing, King drove the first gasoline car on the streets of Detroit. But what led up to that drive?

Witherell Street: Exploring the History Behind the Name

While traversing the streets of Detroit, you may recognize some of the more prominent street names, such as Woodward, Lafayette, or Cass. All are familiar last names of historically significant people. However, many lesser-known streets in Detroit are also named after prominent Detroiters.

From Soap to Bronze

Levi L. Barbour Memorial Fountain (Robert Seiden, c. 1973)

Solomon Sibley and the 1798 Northwest Territory Election

1822 portrait of Solomon Sibley by Chester Harding

The present day media hype about elections may be something that we are used to now, but in the past elections weren’t always about big campaigns and ballot proposals.