"Ask the Man Who Owns One"

The rise and fall of the Packard Motor Car Company is a fascinating story. Promotional photographs from the late 1930s to the mid-1940s show their advertising campaigns and how they mirrored the company and the automobiles it produced.

Packard in Mexico

Mexican revolutionaries standing next to a Packard, c. 1915.

The Aga Khan's Packard Eight Limousine

The Aga Khan’s Packard Eight Limousine (circa 1928).

Packard Motor Car Co. Historical Collection

Digitization of our extensive Packard Motor Car Company Collection is underway, with the assistance of students from Wayne State University’s School of Library and Information Science.

Why Do We Have These Tickets and Keys?

SS Hamonic keys for cabins #127 and #129

John Miner: Skating Marvel

1899 patent drawing for J. Miner Skate Runners

An Alternative Fort Wayne, Part II

c. 1965, Drawing depicting the various proposed historic periods and interest groupings.

The Davison Freeway

Davison Freeway as it appeared on a 1961 Wayne County highway map.

Trappers Alley

Tannery equipment remained in place until redevelopment began, like this hoist on the 4th floor (Carmen Truice, 1982).