Changing Exhibitions

Dining on the Inland Seas

Coming Soon! Opening May 19, 2018 In the Robert M. Dossin Gallery Get an exclusive preview at the 2018 Dossin Gala! Since steamboat travel to Detroit began 200 years ago, passengers and sailors have enjoyed shipboard food that is renowned the world...

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How Does That Work?

Now Open in the Robert M. Dossin Gallery People not familiar with boats might find them complicated and confusing, but boats are really pretty simple. Life at sea is demanding. Simple, solid and reliable are great attributes. How Does that Work? is...

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Richard & Jane Manoogian Ship Model Showcase

Now Open in the Richard and Jane Manoogian Ship Model Showcase The Detroit Historical Society is home to one of the largest collections of ship models in the country. Most of the more than 150 models are five or six decades old, while at least is...

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