Class Outreach

To better serve the needs of educators and students, we have bolstered our outreach resources.  These resources bring museum learning to the classroom through engaging online experiences, classroom tools, and curriculum support.

Michigan History Day

Michigan History Day, an affiliate of National History Day sponsored by the Historical Society of Michigan, is a year-long educational program where students in grades 4-12 pick a historic topic related to an annual theme, conduct original research using primary and secondary sources, analyze their findings and draw conclusions about their topics significance in history and create final projects to showcase their work.  The projects, which include papers, documentaries, performances, exhibits and web sites, can be entered in a series of competitions from the local to the national level.

We are proud to support the Michigan History Day program at the local level. During the school year, we provide teachers and students with information and resources on the program. Each March, the Detroit Historical Museum hosts the local competition for students throughout southeastern Michigan.

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In-School Programs

The Detroit Historical Society also provides engaging in-class experiences for students in grades 3 through 12. Aligned with state social studies standards, our in-school programs will enhance any curriculum.

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Great Lakes Transportation Traveling Trunk

This traveling maritime transportation chest, created by the Center for Science & Environmental Outreach at Michigan Technological University, is full of classroom resources that help students grasp geographic, social, and economic concepts surrounding transportation on the Great Lakes.  It includes children’s books, media, maps, and curriculum units, and is available for your classroom use.  Use of the trunk is FREE!

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