House of Remick

This proud-looking man is Jerome Hosmer Remick. While his name may not be familiar to you, the House of Remick was at one time the largest publisher of popular music in the world.

Our Prodigious Pickle Producing Past

William Bros. & Charbonneau catalog, c. 1900

Hudson’s Holidays

1950s window display

All Roads Lead to Delray

The area in the present day shadow of Zug Island may seem like an unlikely location for “the largest building in the world erected exclusively for fair and exposition purposes.” However, in 1889, this was exactly what stood there.

The Lifesaver

Born in Devonshire, England in 1843, John Horn Jr. immigrated to the United States in the early 1860s. His father operated a tavern at the base of Woodward Avenue at the public wharf. John Jr. was described as a large man with broad shoulders and impressive physique.

Questionable Ingredients

The first half of the 20th century was a time when popular consensus postulated that modern science could solve the world’s problems and improve living conditions for all. This was before it was found by medical researchers that many of the substances used to execute these solutions caused more harm than good. From asbestos to lead paint, we spent the second half of the 20th century purging our built environment from these now vilified materials.

Thrift Gardens

Detroit’s current availability of vacant land has made it a popular place for urban farming, but this is not a new phenomenon brought about by abandoned neighborhoods and diminishing population.

Restaurant Remembrances

Restaurants come and go, but their images become artifacts of the past, a direct connection with generations gone by who sat at the bar, ate at the tables. These postcards depict some restaurants that operated in the city from the 1950s through the 1980s, which some of our readers may recall patronizing or even working at. They showcase the modernist sensibilities and sometimes outlandish styles that were used to thematically decorate mid-century eating establishments. Please share any personal memories in the Comments section below.

Our Doors Are Open!

Renovations have been underway for quite some time now; we’ve broken down walls, added a fresh coat of paint and hoisted up a five hundred pound Little Caesars mascot. We share the stories of the people and industries which have shaped our beloved city.

Turkey Day

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving today. If you are attending the Parade, stay warm! And if you are watching football, Go Lions!