Untold Detroit: The Hustle | Episode 3


Detroit’s Eastside is home to iconic landmarks, historic neighborhoods, and tenacious residents. Hear the story of how residents banded together to keep the Eastside open for business as factories shuttered and businesses moved out. Listen to historian Ken Coleman, chef and business owner Ederique Goudia, and entrepreneur Ricky Blanding share what makes the Eastside hustle.

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Featured in this Episode: 

Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman 

Ken Coleman is a historian and journalist. A prolific chronicler of Black life in Detroit, he was a senior editor at the Michigan Advance and served as a segment host for American Black Journal on Detroit Public Television. For information on tour availability, please contact colemandetroit@gmail.com

Ederique Goudia


Ederique Goudia is an award-winning chef and restauranteur. Goudia cofounded Taste the Diaspora, was the lead chef for Make Good Not Waste Upcycling Kitchen, and is the owner and operator of In the Business of Food Detroit. Goudia is also a board member of the Eastside Community Network.

Ricky Blanding


Ricky Blanding is a co-founder of Scrap Soils, a composting non-profit organization. Scrap Soils strives to educate the public about the positives of composting in an effort to curb waste and fight climate change.