A Painted City

Uniroyal Tire Plant from East Jefferson Avenue (Carol Fink, 1981)

Our Evolving Riverfront

The Central Iron Foundry Co. and Grand Trunk Western Railroad can now be explored as the Dequindre Cut Greenway (Lewis L. Broaden)

Sanders Halloween

Happy Halloween! We hope you get to enjoy at least as many goodies as appear on this Halloween themed Sanders Confectionery menu from the 1930s. Or perhaps you would rather pass on such items as Mustard, Owl Stufties, Vienna Rolls (For Hot Dogs), and Cinnamon Potatoes.

The Many Hats of Joe Louis

Louis shows off his skis and winter fashion, 1940.

Where “Ma Bell” Lived

H. W. Miller prepared this summary sheet for the Walnut Exchange which was valued at $36,558.36.

Tiny Places

In a big city with big industry and big buildings like Detroit, sometimes the tiniest of places can be just as interesting. In 1914, Detroit claimed to have the smallest park in the World sitting on the sidewalk outside the Hermitage Hotel on Congress Street.

Future Friday: Century Box Prophecies

Mayor William C. Maybury

Lost Poletown

Dodge Main Plant (Santa Fabio)

Future Friday: It’s a Robot!

The 1939-40 New York World’s Fair introduced many innovations to the public, such as fluorescent lighting and nylon, which have become important parts of daily life today. An oversized humanoid domestic robot named Roll-Oh is decidedly not one of them.

Future Friday: The Detroit that Never Could Have Been

Over the past few weeks, you’ve been reading about the Detroit that never was. These novelty postcards depict a whole different kind of Detroit that never was. Rudimentary composite imaging techniques became popular in the early 20th century.