Hudson's Holidays

Revisit the memories and magic of Hudson’s in pop-up exhibitions throughout the museum, just in time for the holiday season! Read more…

History X Design Tour

Visit Lafayette Park to experience our Invoking the Spirit: Detroit's Historic Black Bottom tour. Read more…

Boom Town

The Detroit Historical Museum is open Thursday - Sunday! Featuring the new exhibition Boom Town: Detroit in the 1920s Read more…

Dossin Great Lakes Museum

Visit us on Belle Isle year-round! Open Friday - Sunday. Read more…

Black Lives Matter

Our commitment to racial justice informs everything we do. Read more…

Detroit 67 Project

Browse 500+ oral histories and explore the award-winning Detroit Historical Museum exhibition. Read more…

News & Events

Become a Member
Jan 01, 2021

Support the Detroit Historical Society by becoming a member! Enjoy exclusive events and other perks while you support our mission.

Detroit 67: Perspectives
Jan 01, 2021

The award-winning exhibition is becoming permanent at the Detroit Historical Museum!

Detroit's Brewing Heritage
Oct 01, 2021

Learn more about the city’s beer barons, neighborhood breweries and beer-drinking customs in the new exhibition Detroit’s Brewing Heritage.

20 for the Twenties
Jul 01, 2021

New at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum! Learn about 20 different innovations that developed along the Detroit River during the 1920s.