Centennial Celebration

Detroit's First Maritime History Museum

Detroit's first maritime history museum was actually on a ship! Learn more about the legacy of the J.T. Wing here. 

From the CEO: December 2021

Dear Friends,  


The Society's Storyteller

The Detroit Historical Society is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary, that means we’ve been sharing Detroit’s stories and why they matter for more than 100 years! But who is responsible for sharing our story?  

An Alternative Fort Wayne, Part II

c. 1965, Drawing depicting the various proposed historic periods and interest groupings.

"There’s a Museum in your future"

Now that you have learned about the construction of the Detroit Historical Museum, have you wondered what was there prior to our building? Well . . .

The Model Museum

You may notice this model looks familiar. It is, of course, the Detroit Historical Museum. But if you have been to the museum, you’ll notice that this model is not quite the same as today’s museum. This model represents the original vision for the site, which extended along W.