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Our collection contains over 250,000 artifacts representing over 300 years of our region's unique history. About 37,000 of these are available in our Online Collection! Check out new items as they are added on our blog.

We are also in the process of indexing our collection through the Digital Public Library of America.

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Oral Histories

Detroit Responds: Stories from the time of Covid-19

We are living in exceptional times. The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted all of us. Families, friend groups and businesses have all been disrupted as social distancing and mandated shelter in place orders alter our daily lives. The Society wants to hear how this crisis is affecting you. 

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The Neighborhoods: Where Detroit Lives

Our new oral history project, The Neighborhoods: Where Detroit Lives, seeks to capture the history and identity of each of the city’s neighborhoods through the memories and experiences of its residents.  

Are you a current or former resident of Detroit's neighborhoods? You can share you story by reaching out to the Oral History team at 313.833.7912 or find more information at the link below.

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Detroit 67 Oral History Archive

As part of the Detroit 67 project, the Detroit Historical Society has created the most comprehensive collection of written, audio and video histories ever assembled on this topic. Browse the collection from the link below.

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