Detroit 67 Project

Detroit 67 : Looking Back to Move Forward

The Detroit 67 Project and its centerpiece, the Detroit 67: Perspectives exhibition, cover a period of 150 years. We look back 100 years – from 1917 to today and forward 50 years to 2067 and use an understanding of our collective history to inform and define our future. Those who engage with Detroit 67 will be able to better understand the events leading up to July, 1967, where we are today and connect to efforts that are moving Detroit forward.

The Detroit 67 Project:

  • Collects the stories of the past 100 years to commemorate the July 1967 civil unrest
  • Takes the lead to connect the story and its relevance outside the museum
  • Develops a comprehensive, balanced & experiential museum exhibition
  • Creates a “model” that makes history relevant to a community’s present & future

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