Untold Detroit: The Hustle | Episode 2


Woodward Avenue is the heart of Detroit. For generations, Detroiters have shopped along the avenue for everything from essentials to entertainment. But as Detroit declined, so too did Woodward Avenue. In the face of hardship, Detroiters have not given up on Woodward or the communities that line it. To shed insight into what’s happened and what’s happening, we’re joined by historian Jamon Jordan, owner of Black Scroll Network History and Tours and official historian for the City of Detroit, Angeline Lawrence, the former director of Entrepreneurial Education at TechTown Detroit, and Janet Webster Jones, the owner of Source Booksellers.

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Episode 2:





Featured in this Episode: 

Jamon Jordan 


Jamon Jordan is a historian and educator. He is the owner and operator of Black Scroll Network History and Tours as well as the official historian of the City of Detroit.

Angeline Lawrence


Angeline Lawrence is the former director of entrepreneurial education at TechTown Detroit. She has worked to support small businesses throughout her career.

Janet Webster Jones


Janet Webster Jones is the owner and operator of Source Booksellers in the Cass Corridor. A lifelong reader and educator, Jones expanded Source following her retirement from Detroit Public Schools.