From the CEO: December 2021

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Maritime Miniatures: The Mayflower

In January 2022, The Dossin Great Lakes Museum will host a display of more than 100 Great Lakes model ships. The Detroit Historical Society maintains an extensive collection of models of multiple types, including intricately detailed steamers and schooners, half-hull models, pond models, and more. The oldest model in our collection, that of the steamer Mayflower, was built at the time the ship was active, and is a prize-winner! 

The First State In and the First State Out

Michigan was the first state to ratify Prohibition, but it was also the first state to ratify the 21st Amendment, repealing Prohibition. 

Invoking the Spirit

Exploring Detroit's historic Black Bottom through rich and inclusive content. 

The Fisher Family Story

The Fisher Body company is one of the most influential and important autobody producers in automotive history. Learn more about the family that sparked a century’s worth of innovation. 

The J.L. Hudson Department Store Collection

More than 4,000 artifacts from the J.L. Hudson's Departmart Store are now part of the Society's permanent collection. 

The Iconic Fisher Body Carriage

The Fisher Body Company, one of the most significant auto part producers in Detroit history, had a reputation for craftsmanship, luxury, and style. To represent these qualities, the glamorous Napoleonic coach was chosen as a fitting emblem for the auto body firm

The Society's Most Requested Images

To date, the Society has scanned and photographed more than 50,000 objects which are now available for viewing around the clock, and around the world, by anyone with an internet connection! 

The Society's Storyteller

The Detroit Historical Society is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary, that means we’ve been sharing Detroit’s stories and why they matter for more than 100 years! But who is responsible for sharing our story?  

Haunted History: Detroit's Horror Movies

When you think of Detroit, you might think of cars or sports, but the city is also a generator of horror films! This is our list of the top horror movies related to the city of Detroit.