New Books in Our Store

Summer is quickly approaching, and we want to make sure you’ve got a perfect book for your summer trip! Check out some of our favorite recent titles in our online store:

How it Happens 

Jean Alicia Elster 

Follow the story of author Jean Alicia Elster’s maternal grandmother in this book, which explores race relations, sexual assault and class divisions through three generations of fictionalized adaptations of her family.  

City of Champions: A History of Triumph and Defeat in Detroit 

Stephan Szymanksi & Silke-Maria Weineck  

Trace Detroit history through sports in this look into the “City of Champions.” From Ty Cobb to the Detroit Bad Boys, this book is the perfect read for any sports lover!  

Know Your Ships 2022  

Don’t forget to grab your field guide of Great Lakes ships before you hit the shores! This guide is filled with detailed information on a variety of ships from schooners to fireboats.  

The Faygo Book 

Joe Grimm

This book traces the roots of Detroit’s most beloved soda pop — Faygo. Make sure to enjoy it while you are drinking your favorite flavor!  


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