Map Quest II

Here, we continue featuring special maps from our collection from the period around the turn of the century.

Map Quest I

Maps are one of the best ways to show how a city grows and develops over time. They can highlight transportation infrastructure, property ownership, demographics, recreational areas, and just about anything else. Whether exact or stylized, they tell a story about a moment in Detroit’s history. The series of posts to follow will chronologically highlight some of the most interesting and unique maps in the Detroit Historical Society’s collection.

The World’s Greatest Outdoor Spectacle

This panoramic image of the stadium came from the program for the 1923 Awakening


Marine Pollution Control

Marine Pollution Control’s barges, the BUDA I and BUDA II, pictured at the company’s dock on the Rouge River.


Detroit's Song

The Detroit Schottisch, 1854


Brodhead Armory

Postcard, c. 1946.


William Bushnell Stout: Automotive

Cutaway drawing of a Stout Scarab, 1932.


William Bushnell Stout: Skycar

Skycar, c. 1930.


William Bushnell Stout: Ford Motor Co. & Stout Air Lines

Stout standing underneath a Stout 2-AT Pullman, “Maiden Dearborn”, 1925.


William Bushnell Stout: Early Military Aircraft

Stout Batwing under construction in a Motor Products Corporation plant, 1918.