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William Bushnell Stout: Automotive

Cutaway drawing of a Stout Scarab, 1932.

William Bushnell Stout: Skycar

Skycar, c. 1930.

William Bushnell Stout: Ford Motor Co. & Stout Air Lines

Stout standing underneath a Stout 2-AT Pullman, “Maiden Dearborn”, 1925.

William Bushnell Stout: Early Military Aircraft

Stout Batwing under construction in a Motor Products Corporation plant, 1918.

Back to School

Doty Elementary on 3rd Street (Steve Shaw, c. 1980)

Moving Day for the World’s Largest Stove

The booms of a fire truck, and a utility company cherry picker truck are being used to lift a traffic signal cable that spans Mack Avenue, as the stove approaches.

Kennedy Square

1961, the debris of Old City Hall.

The Kern Block

c. 1968

Packard Anniversaries

When you picture the anniversaries of major automobile companies, what do you imagine? Do you think of big sales or elaborate displays or advertisements about the company’s history? Packard has had some interesting anniversary promotions.

"Now I'm the Man Who Owns One" - The Changing Nature of Packard

In an effort to stave off the bankruptcy that had doomed- or was soon to doom- other luxury car makers such as Cord, Duesenberg, Pierce Arrow and Auburn, Packard President Alvan Macauley introduced the Packard 120 in 1935.