Body by Fisher

NOW OPEN in America's Motor City Showcase

Out of the thousands of parts that make up a car, the body is the first thing we see. It is critical to safety, comfort, styling and corporate identityPerhaps the most prominent auto body producer – Fisher Body Company – grew from a family business, operated by a close-knit group of brothers, into a central pillar of General Motors. 

From early enclosed car bodies through 1950s tailfins and beyond, “Body by Fisher” indicated a quality product, and their iconic coach emblem on every door sill was a reminder of that pedigree. Though Fisher was dissolved in the 1980s, the name endures through the company’s legacy, the family’s philanthropic efforts, and current ties to the industry.  

This exhibition is presented in partnership with the General Motors Company, who purchased a majority share Fisher Body in 1919. 

Funding for Body by Fisher generously provided by Fisher Dynamics and General Motors with additional support from MotorCities National Heritage Area.