From the Collection

Top o’ the World, Ma!

Imagine that you are fourteen years old in 1911, and your dad is into the latest transportation fad—not automobiles, but aeroplanes!

100 Years Young

I’ll Be There For You, When You Can’t Find the Door?

Nestled within the archives of the Detroit Historical Society are a pair of surprising pop culture artifacts--copies of the draft lyrics for both the theme song of the 90s T.V.

The Tigers Win the Pennant(s)!

In preparing for our forthcoming exhibit: “The Year of the Tiger: 1968” (opening April 21th, 2018) much of our staff has been engrossed in details related to the Detroit Tigers World Series run that year.  The '68 team holds a special significance for Tiger fans; their on-field accomplishments (103 wins, dominate pitching, and prolific power hitting) captured a generation of fan interest and earned Detroiters lifelong devotion.

Back To The Future of the 1989 North American International Auto Show

Each year, crowds flock to the Detroit International Auto Show to catch a glimpse into the future.  Some attendees are focused on their immediate futures; they are eyeing this year's models and are planning their next purchase.  Others go to experience a further and more fantastic future hinted at through the show’s concept cars.  A video tape in our collection prominently features several of the concept cars which captured the imaginations of attendees to the 1989 North American International Auto Show.  29 years later, we know how things turned out; our world is now one of wireless connec

Looking Back at 1967 at 24 Frames per Second

Soldiers watch as flames swirl and rise from storefronts along the southwest side of 12th Street, near Taylor Street--one block away from where, days earlier on July 23, 1967, an early morning police raid sparked the unrest.


Isiah at the Joe

This April, the Detroit Red Wings—and their fans—bid farewell to Joe Louis Arena.  The team had called the Joe home since 1979.  However the arena had always been a shared home—often with hoops and boards replacing the ice and nets.  The very first event held at the Joe had in fact been a basketball game between the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit.  The stadium has also hosted professional basketball games on several unusual occasions.  In 1984, a scheduling conflict with a motocross event resulted in the Detroit Pistons’ nail-biting loss in the decisive fifth game in t

Flashback to the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Hart Plaza's sign invites attendees to "Dance to the Beat of Detroit Techno" at the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival.


Cobo's First Bloom: The First Convention in 1960

A "Welcome Florists" sign greets attendees to FTD's 50th anniversary convention at the newly opened Cobo Hall in 1960.


Thanksgiving Leftovers

A group in pilgrim costumes and a clown with a spring-shaped hat march ahead of an elephant float in this still from a film of one of Detroit's first Thanksgiving Day parades.