The Year of the Tiger: 1968

NOW OPEN through October 7, 2018 in the Community Gallery

The aftershocks of widespread social unrest, the untimely assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., the mounting Vietnam war, among other iconic events cemented 1968 as the “year that changed the nation.” In Detroit, 1968 is often characterized as the “comeback season” for the Detroit Tigers and a pivot in the tenor of the city writ-large. Against the backdrop of turbulent times –
locally, nationally and internationally – the Detroit Tigers’ ascendance to the 1968 World Series championship signaled the “Year of the Tiger” and galvanized Detroiters to come together across their differences to celebrate this momentous occasion.

In concert with the 50th anniversary of the Detroit Tigers’ historic win, the Detroit Historical Society debuts The Year of the Tiger: 1968. The exhibit weaves together stories about the players, the manager, the stadium and the events that paved a path toward a World Series victory and ultimately changed the mood and spirit of the city.

Detroit sports writer and commentator Bill Dow joins us for this project. Dow’s writing has been featured in the Detroit Free Press, Baseball Digest, and he is co-author and editor of Tiger Stadium: Essays and Memories of Detroit’s Historic BallPark. 


Limited Edition 1968 Mini-bats available! For $68, purchase a commemorative baseball bat that will be featured in the exhibition, along with your name. You'll be able to take home the bat as a personal memento when the exhibit closes.

68 Bat