Community Gallery: International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit

The Robert and Mary Ann Bury Community Gallery is a changing exhibition space made available to local historical societies, museums, non-profit organizations and educational institutions, selected for their contributions to the metro Detroit community. Organizations are featured in order to share their stories and provide new perspectives on the issues, ideas and individuals that have shaped our region’s rich history.

It was officially renamed as a tribute to retiring long-time Executive Director Bob Bury on June 28, 2018 and will be dedicated in a ceremony on November 1, 2018.


OPENING ON JULY 20, 2019 in the Robert and Mary Ann Bury Community Gallery

International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit (1919 - 2019): 100 Years of Bridging Differences, Fulfilling Dreams and Building Better Tomorrows

For 100 years, the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit has defined itself in a single word “PEOPLE!”  The Institute continues today, in its centennial year, to prepare potential new Americans for successful, productive participation in the broader community through ESL/citizenship  classes, legal services, employability skills training and economic empowerment opportunities offered on-site at its 70 year-old headquarters in Detroit’s Cultural Center, in the City’s Warrendale and Corktown districts,  and at satellite locations in  Canton, Troy, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, and  Hamtramck’s Banglatown.

This centennial exhibition travels across time and space to present arts and treasured mementos of representative cultures of Asia, Central Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, including toys, musical instruments, decorative household items, fine art, festive traditional clothing and other artifacts. Some artifacts are lent from ethnic museums and private collections, while others are the treasured family heirlooms donated by clients that the Institute has served over the past 100 years. Learn more about the International Institute's rich history as well as the many cultures that make up Metro Detroit in this colorful new exhibition.

International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit (1919-2019): 100 Years of Bridging Differences, Fulfilling Dreams, and Building Better Tomorrows Artists:
Jean Paul Aboudib
Haydar Alyasiry
Sarmad Al Musawi
Ivanka Beginin
Guadalupe Gomez Lara
Rene Gomez Lara
Ilham Bodreddine Mafouz
Nora Mendoza
Nada Odeh
Reem Taki
Marie Woo


Also featuring the joint exhibition: 

Looking for America

Looking for America is a national art exhibition, dinner and discourse series that explores immigration and American values in six cities, including Detroit. Although immigration is a national political issue, its impact on localities varies widely, and the experience of living in a diverse and changing community is not limited to traditional “gateways” like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Looking for America explores this dynamic by curating works from local artists who are politically and demographically diverse, and inviting local community members to respond and share their perspectives and stories.

Looking for America Artists:
Kia Arriaga
Noura Ballout
Elton Monroy Duran
bree gant
Arturo Herrera
Chido Johnson
Ghana Think Tank
Hiroko Lancour
Manal Shoukair
Mirka Sztuczka
Gracie Xavier