Sample Floor Plans

At the Detroit Historical Museum, we want to give you the tools you need to begin planning your event as soon as possible. We are always open to making changes to our standardized floor plans, but these changes must be approved by your assigned event manager.

Floor Plans:

Allesee Gallery of Culture Floor Plans

America’s Motor City Exhibit Floor Plans

Streets of Old Detroit Exhibit Floor Plans

Many clients add Wrigley Hall or the Grand Trunk Passenger Station to the rental of the Streets of Old Detroit. If your event requires additional seating or a seperate space for a dancing, DJ, and bar area, we recommend adding one of these spaces. These spaces can also be rented for private events and corporate meetings.

The Grand Trunk Passenger Station Floor Plans

Wrigley Hall Floor Plans

Maps of Entire Floors

Lower Level: Streets of Old Detroit Exhibit, Grand Trunk Passenger Station, Wrigley Hall, Auditorium (there are family restrooms on the lower level)

1st Floor: Main entrance, Allesee Gallery of Culture, America’s Motor City Exhibit, DeRoy Conference Room, Kid Rock Music Lab, Gift Shop and the Kresge Lobby (the main restrooms are on the first floor)