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Built By The River - Dossin Great Lakes Museum Visitors will see what its like drive a hydroplane, learn about different ships, and sit in a canoe in this interactive exhibit.
Built By The River - Dossin Great Lakes Museum Built by the River highlights the ways in which Detroiters have long used the river and lakes around us.
Kid Rock Music Lab - Detroit Historical Museum Experience the music through the ages that added to the culture of Detroit
Charles Brady King car - Detroit Historical Museum Visitors will see the replica of the car that Charles Brady King first drove on the streets of Detroit in March of 1896.
America's Motor City - Detroit Historical Museum The Motor City exhibition has been revised and rebranded as America’s Motor City.
Legends Plaza - Detroit Historical Museum Detroit’s rich heritage lies with the men and women who’ve always called Detroit “home."
Gallery of Innovation - Detroit Historical Museum The new gallery explores Detroit-area innovators and innovations, emphasizing how Detroit has historically been.
Hydroplane The Miss Pepsi - Dossin Great Lakes Museum The Miss Pepsi championship hydroplane of the 1940s and 50s, currently on display at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum
Arsenal of Democracy - Detroit Historical Museum The gallery is divided into three areas where Detroit was linked to the war effort: the factory, the community, and the home.
The Streets of Old Detroit - Detroit Historical Museum Sanders Storefront has been added to The Streets of Old Detroit exhibit