General Information & Pricing

Don’t just make plans – make history!

Dining in the Streets of Old DetroitThe Detroit Historical Museum is located in Detroit’s Midtown Cultural Center and is home to the Streets of Old Detroit, America’s Motor City and many other exhibits sure to entertain and inspire your party guests.

With several private spaces and the option to setup throughout the entire museum, the Detroit Historical Museum is an outstanding location for parties of up to 2,000 guests!

We've installed new galleries, enhanced our signature exhibits, and upgraded the museum’s private-event spaces. Host an event in any of our new spaces!

Please call us at 313.833.1733 to schedule a free consultation with our events planning experts or view our rental information pages for more details.

Take a virtual tour of our galleries with Google Maps.

Pricing and Capacity

The prices below include the following accommodations and services:

  • Consultation(s) with our event specialists
  • Free after-hours parking for up to 55 vehicles, as available. Parking during Museum operating hours, as available, is $7 per vehicle.
  • General admission for your guests to all open museum exhibits is included for all rentals of over $1,000. For smaller rentals entire museum access can be included for an additional $200 fee.
Entire Museum

Capacity: 2,000 strolling

Price: $4,000

America’s Motor City             

Capacity: 150 strolling or 60 seated               

Price: $1,500  

Gallery of Culture

Capacity: 150 strolling or 100 seated

Price: $1,500

Streets of Old Detroit

Capacity: 400 strolling or 125 seated

Price: $1,500

Detroit Legends Plaza (outdoors)

Capacity: 200 strolling or 100 seated

Price: $1,500

Wrigley Hall

Capacity: 100 seated

Price: $600

Grand Trunk Passenger Station

Capacity: 80 seated

Price: $600

Louise Booth Auditorium

Capacity: 139 seated

Price: $400

DeRoy Conference Center

Capacity: 12 seated

Price: $350

Note: Capacity is subject to change with other spatial needs, such as buffet, dancing, gift table, etc.

A $150 maintenance fee will be added to the final cost for all events.

Additional options
  • Docent-guided tour, as available: $25 per hour, per docent during museum hours; $50 per hour, afterhours and on weekends.  
  • Basic audio/visual package                                                      $100 flat fee, up to 4 hours of use
  • Advanced audio/visual package                                               $200 flat fee, up to 4 hours of use
  • Attended coat check                                                                $25 per hour, per attendant
  • Gift shop attendant                                                                  $25 per hour, per attendant
  • A.V. Technician                                                                        $25 per hour, per attendant
  • Rehearsals outside of Museum hours                                       $100
  • Additional rental time                                                               $150 per additional hour
  • Entire Museum Access Package                                                 $200
  • Security                                                                                    $50 per person, per hour
  • Additional rental equipment and linens can be procured for a 20% gratuity fee. 

Please note that all prices are subject to change and may vary with your unique needs. Please call 313.833.1733 to schedule a free consultation with our events planner.

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