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College for Creative Studies

The College for Creative Studies is an art education institute located in the Cultural Center Historic District in Midtown Detroit, Michigan. Its program for transportation design is one of the world’s most recognized programs of its kind. It also is credited with placing more graduates in the automotive design field than any other institution.

The present-day College for Creative Studies began in 1906 with the formation of the Society of Arts and Crafts. It was established to keep craftsmanship alive during a time when industrialization was becoming increasingly widespread. In 1911, the society began to offer informal classes in drawing, woodcarving and basic design. In 1926, the society began to offer an educational program in the arts, becoming the first of its kind. The school earned national recognition in 1933 when it announced that it viewed automobile design as an art form. In 1962, it officially became a college and it was called the School of the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts. The school changed its name in 1975 to the Center for Creative Studies – College of Art and Design, which it was known as until 2001 until it changed to its current name, the College for Creative Studies.

The College for Creative Studies offers Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees in 12 majors: advertising: design; advertising: copyrighting; entertainment arts; art education; crafts; fine arts; graphic design; illustration; interior design; photography; product design; and transportation design. In addition to the undergraduate degrees, the college offers Masters of Fine Arts degrees in design and transportation design.

The school’s facilities include an art gallery for student exhibitions, computer studios, a metals shop, a wood shop, a ceramic studio, a glassblowing studio, a fiber studio, a foundry, and other extensive studio space.