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Better Made Snack Food Company

Although created in 1853, the potato chip did not catch on as a snack food until after World War I.  In 1930, two entrepreneurial Detroiters, Cross Moceri and Peter Cipriano, decided they could make a better chip than any on the market and Better Made was born. More than three quarters of a century later, it is firmly established as Detroit’s Potato Chip.

Surviving in the snack food business has not been easy. At one time there were 24 potato chip manufacturers in Detroit. By 1999 only one was still in business, earning the Better Made company tremendous regional loyalty. Competing head-to-head with national brands, Better Made relies on quality ingredients and superb freshness. Serious chip connoisseurs can buy their products directly from the factory, just hours old, or have them shipped anywhere in the world.

Many Detroiters have driven by the Better Made plant on Gratiot Avenue and marveled to see full size semi-trailers lifted to the sky; when it comes to efficiently emptying a truck full of potatoes, there is no better way. The process of turning a quality Michigan spuds into delicious chips takes approximately seven minutes.

Over time Better Made has diversified its product base, offering three different cuts of potato chips – original, wavy and kettle – in numerous flavors. The plant also makes several types of corn chips, pork rinds, popcorn, pretzels, cheese puffs, and dips and salsas to go with them. They recently became the largest producer of shoestring potatoes in the country.



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