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Saunderson, Kevin

Electronic music producer and one of Detroit Techno’s earliest contributors, Kevin Saunderson was born in New York City on May 9, 1964. Saunderson moved to Belleville, Michigan when he was an early teen. At Belleville High School, he met Juan Atkins and Derrick May, who together later became known as the “Belleville Three,” pioneers of Detroit Techno. Saunderson learned the landscape of electronic music from his two older colleagues, and others within their circle like Eddie Fowlkes

While attending Eastern Michigan University, Saunderson decided to join Deep Space, a DJ collective started by Atkins and May, where he spun under the moniker “Master Reese.” His first single, “Triangle of Love,” was produced under Atkins’s tutelage, and was released on his Metroplex record label. After gaining experience playing shows and making music, he formed KMS Records (named after his initials, Kevin Maurice Saunderson) in 1985. He also formed the group Inner City, with vocalist Paris Grey, who put out popular dance hits like “Big Fun” and “Good Life.” He continued to produce music as techno evolved through the 1990s. 

Since 2000, Detroit has been home to an annual electronic music festival. Saunderson has performed at the festival since its inception, and organized the 2005 iteration of the event. Saunderson continues to produce and play music – along with his sons - and advocate for Detroit Techno around the world. 



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