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Majestic Theatre

The Detroit music venue Majestic Theatre was designed by C. Howard Crane and opened on April 1, 1915. It was first operated as a playhouse, but by 1920, had switched to showing films. It originally seated 1,651 people, with a façade designed in an arched Italian style. The front 35 feet of the theatre were removed when Woodward Avenue was widened to eight lanes in 1934.

When the theatre was remodeled by the firm of Bennet and Straight in the early 1930’s, the Majestic was updated to its current colorful terra-cotta Art Deco motif, rather than recreating its original facade. The theater now boasts the largest enameled metal panel Art Deco facade in the Detroit metropolitan region. The theatre eventually closed and the building was used as a church, a photographic studio, and more. It was vacant for another ten years until the building was purchased in 1984. Today, the theatre is mainly a music venue. The entire complex houses several entertainment centers, including The Majestic Theatre, The Magic Stick, and the Garden Bowl bowling alley.

In 2018, the theatre underwent a $1 million renovation, which included replicating the original 1935 marquee, installing a street box office, and many more updates. The Majestic Theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.



Photo showing the Majestic Theatre on the right, 1925 - 2007.004.194c

Photo of Woodward Ave showing the Majestic Theatre in the background, 1950 - 2012.026.323

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