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Fisher Building

The Golden Tower of the Fisher Building has brightened the skyline of metropolitan Detroit since 1928.
Built with little attention to budget but careful attention to detail, the building features vaulted hand painted arcade ceilings and an interior utilizing 40 varieties of marble, brass, and bronze.  Architect Albert Kahn used the finest materials, craftsmen and contractors in building the masterpiece that would become Detroit’s tallest building outside of the Downtown Central Business District.

The original owners of the building were the seven Body-by-Fisher Brothers.  Carriage-makers by trade, they had developed the closed body for the automobile making year-round motor travel possible.  When they decided to build offices for Fisher and Company, there was no limit to what they were willing to spend to make it the world’s most beautiful office building.
Initially, the building was to include three skyscrapers, but the onset of the Great Depression limited Kahn to one tower.  The completed building measures more than 440 feet high, with an exquisite barrel vaulted lobby that showcases more than 40 different kinds of marble.
Today, the Fisher Building is home to dentists, doctors, banks, many successful business owners, a state of the art theatre and the studios of WJR-AM 760. 
The Fisher Building was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1989.



Fisher Building postcard, 1935

Fisher Building postcard, 1930

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