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Feigenson, Ben and Perry

Ben and Perry Feigenson were immigrant brothers who came to Detroit from Russia. Initially employed as bakers, in November 1907 they founded the Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works on Benton Street, mostly processing lager beer and soda water.

Looking for a way to supplement their income, the brothers began adding cake frosting flavorings to the soda water, and sold their beverages from the back of their wagon. The original flavors of their soda were fruit punch, grape, and strawberry.

As the business grew, they hired employees and built a new plant on Beaubien Street at Erskine. In 1921 they rebranded the “pop” as Faygo because the name fit more easily on the bottle. Throughout the rest of the decade they expanded home deliveries and added new flavors, including vanilla and Rock & Rye.

Feigenson Brothers Company was incorporated in 1939, and reorganized as Faygo Beverages in 1965. Now owned by National Beverage, Faygo is distributed regionally and has won acclaim for its quality. Some of the more unique flavors, such as Red Pop, Root Beer and Rock & Rye, remain Detroit favorites.


Faygo Pop cookbook, 1951

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