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Copeman, Lloyd Groff

Lloyd Groff Copeman was raised east of Flint, Michigan in Hadley Township. He studied engineering in East Lansing at the college now known as Michigan State University, and from there he became an inventor and creator of many inventions and patents, some of which are well known today. In 1906, Copeman developed an electric version of the gas stove and consequently, he founded Copeman Electric Stove in 1912. Five years later, in 1917, he sold this company to the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. In 1913 he created a toaster with an automatic bread turner, which was also produced by his company. Copeman desired to create technologies with more convenience for users. In 1918, Copeman established the Copeman Laboratories Company in Flint, which allowed him to dedicate his time to inventing. In 1928, Copeman noticed that it was often difficult to get ice out of ice cube trays, so he experimented with different materials, and eventually he created the rubber ice cube tray. The invention of this ice cube tray became his most successful and popular invention. Copeman died in 1956 after spending his life dedicated to inventing. He held nearly 700 patents during his lifetime.