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Brady, James

The story of the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit started with a caring man by the name of James Brady. As a city tax collector, Brady saw firsthand the financial troubles that some Detroiters were experiencing and the children who were suffering as a consequence. To help improve the welfare of Detroit’s youngest residents, Brady came up with the idea to have former newsboys sell newspapers at an inflated cost during the holiday season with the intent of using the extra money to purchase food, clothing and Christmas toys for the children. At the suggestion of friend and Detroit News Managing Editor E.J. Pipp, he enlisted the help of the Detroit Newsboys Association, an association of ex-newspapermen that had since gone on to succeed in business.

Over the course of the 1914 holiday season, the Old Newsboys banded together and once again sold papers on the street. The gifts that were purchased with the funds were delivered that very Christmas. Since then, the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit has raised and subsequently spent millions of dollars on hundreds of thousands of children in the Detroit area. Even today many former newspaper men and women, including some of Brady’s descendents, band together during the holiday season to sell papers and ensure that their motto "No Kiddie Without a Christmas" rings true to all.



James Brady Memorial Print, 1973

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