Encyclopedia Of Detroit

Atkinson Avenue Historic District

The Atkinson Avenue Historic District consists of six blocks of Atkinson Avenue situated between the John C. Lodge Expressway and Linwood Avenue.  The district is composed of primarily single family homes that were constructed between 1915 and 1929, which corresponded with the nearby construction of Henry Ford Hospital in 1915. The district became a middle class neighborhood with homes belonging to doctors, salesmen, bankers, ministers, real estate agents, and a newspaper writer. 

All of the homes had similar building restrictions and each had to be built with brick, stone, cement, stone veneer, or stucco. Most of the houses are foursquare style, two stories tall with an attic, and have Mediterranean, Colonial, or Tudor elements.  The six block district contains approximately 225 buildings and was established as the Atkinson Avenue Historic District by the Detroit City Council in 1984.