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Arthur, Clara B.

Clara B. Arthur was a suffragist in the Detroit area during the late 1800s and early 1900s. In 1885, she helped to found the Michigan Equal Suffrage Association. In 1906, she was elected president of the association. During her presidency Arthur helped change the state constitution so that women could vote on tax and bond issues. In 1912, she started a campaign for women’s suffrage, the result of which was the adoption of the state amendment in 1918 granting suffrage to Michigan women.

In addition to women’s rights, Arthur also fought to improve the lives of children, both in the Detroit area and in the country. In Detroit, she helped to build 138 playgrounds and 17 swimming pools by 1929. She was also the chair of the industrial and child labor committees of the Michigan Federation of Women’s Club and she served on the National Child Labor Committee, where she discouraged child labor and wanted to see the age of consent increased to 14 years.

Clara B. Arthur died in 1929.



Clara B. Arthur, Suffragist Card, 1902

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