Maritime Miniatures: The Art of the Ship Model

NOW OPEN in the Robert M. Dossin Gallery and throughout the museum

Maritime Miniatures: The Art of the Ship Model

From intricately detailed steamers and schooners to models designed for play, the art of bringing massive ships down in scale so that they can be appreciated up close is something that ship model markers spend many hours perfecting. Whether created by master builders or hobbyists, each model is a piece of history and art.

The Detroit Historical Society has a world-class collection of Great Lakes ship models, representing over 300 years of North American freshwater maritime history. See over 150 of our models on display together for the first time in more than 20 years! Some of the models have been enjoyed by visitors for decades, dating back to when the city's maritime museum first opened aboard the J.T. Wing. Some are rarely seen due to their age, size or condition.

Models are displayed in every gallery of the museum - come appreciate the detail and mastery of the Detroit Historical Society's ship model collection! 

View a full list of models in the exhibition.