Motor City Music

Kid Rock Music Lab

Featuring a Spotlight on Mary Wilson!

Adjacent to the Allesee Gallery of Culture, visitors find the Motor City Music exhibition — an interactive, participatory space that explores the rich legacy of Detroit’s music from Gospel to Motown and all things in between.

As visitors enter the gallery, they learn about Detroit's rich musical legacy by reading about the international stars who have called our city home. From Aretha Franklin to Madonna to Bob Seger to Alice Cooper, Detroiters have made an impact in every genre of music. The exhibit not only shares Detroit's prominence in rock and pop music, but it explains its influence on gospel, blues, hip-hop, techno and more. The exhibit also gives a nod to Detroit's iconic musical venues, from the Grande Ballroom to the Flame Show Bar to Pine Knob. Music memorabilia, including instruments, posters, garments, records and more, are featured throughout the exhibition.

The key feature of the exhibition is the musical stage, on which a large monitor plays a selection of Detroit musical greats, including Motown favorites such as The Supremes, The Temptations as well as Aretha Franklin and Bob Seger. Visitors can also test their knowledge of Detroit music with a touch-screen trivia game. A touch-screen mixing station allows visitors to try their hand at crafting the perfect musical track.