Flashback to the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Hart Plaza's sign invites attendees to "Dance to the Beat of Detroit Techno" at the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival.


Cobo's First Bloom: The First Convention in 1960

A "Welcome Florists" sign greets attendees to FTD's 50th anniversary convention at the newly opened Cobo Hall in 1960.


Thanksgiving Leftovers

A group in pilgrim costumes and a clown with a spring-shaped hat march ahead of an elephant float in this still from a film of one of Detroit's first Thanksgiving Day parades.


An Olympic Hopeful

No, this pin doesn't come from an alternate universe.  This pin was manufactured to promote Detroit's sixth bid for the Summer Olympics.  Although Detroit was viewed by many as a sure bet for host city, the city lost out to Mexico City for the 1968 games.


Detroit's Streetcars: Past and Present

(Above: A streetcar travels down Woodward Avenue at Alexandrine, 1925; Below: Artistic rendering of the new M-1 Rail, 2014)


The Detroit River Tunnel Few Have Seen: The Michigan Central Railway Tunnel


Color postcard depicting the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel, 1910.


Roman Gribbs, 1925-2016

Mayor Roman Gribbs presents Leonard Simon of the Detroit Historical Museum with the Mayor's Medal of the City of Detroit in a 1971 ceremony.  The partially visible sign behind museum director Solon Weeks proclaims, "Detroit, City for the '70s."


Amelia Earhart Introduces the Terraplane

A city monument at Detroit's Earhart Elementary Middle School recognizing the aviator's many accomplishments.


Detroit Suffrage Pioneer Sarah Gertrude Banks

On February 15, the anniversary of Susan B. Anthony's birthday, the Detroit Historical Society is pleased to share from the collection a 107 year old postcard depicting Susan B. Anthony.  Social activist Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) was an internationally recognized leader in the long campaign to give women the right to vote. It turns out that the postcard's addressee, Dr. Sarah Gertrude Banks, has an important place in Detroit history.