Women in Public Art Lecture & Discussion

April 28 2024 | 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Join us for a lecture and discussion on Women in Public Art - Women Artists & Sculptors presented by Preservation Detroit in conjunction with the new Concrete Canvas exhibition.

Join us for an enriching artist talk that celebrates the vibrant presence of women in the realm of public art, set against the dynamic backdrop of Detroit's cultural landscape. This event invites artists, enthusiasts, and community members to delve into the profound impact of women creators in shaping public spaces and narratives. 

Moderated by artist Halima Cassells, our panel of distinguished women artists will explore the multifaceted roles of women in Detroit's public art scene, discussing their contributions, challenges, and triumphs. From muralists reclaiming urban spaces to sculptors advocating for social change, each speaker brings a unique perspective on how art serves as a catalyst for dialogue, empowerment, and social transformation. 

Participation is free with museum admission.