J.W. Westcott

August 20 2022 | 10:00am to 11:30am

Limited tickets still available!

Known for bringing pilots, mail and food to ships traveling on the Detroit River, the JW Westcott Company has served boats from around the country since 1874. As one of Detroit's oldest family-owned companies, JW Westcott has many stories of operating the waters on the Detroit/Canada border. Join us for a tour of their facilities and a chance to step aboard their two carrier boats, which will remain docked during our visit.

Please note, we will not be traveling on the water or leaving the dock during this tour as there is limited capacity on the boats. Due to the nature of the boats, they only allow access on foot, and we will ask visitors to use their discretion on entering and exiting the boat for their safety. The majority of the tour will take place off of the boats.

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