Free Tickets to Detroit Pistons



Photo: c.  1980s, from the Detroit Historical Society collection. 1 pennant. white felt triangle, from left to right-"Pistons" written vertically, picture of Isiah Thomas dunking a basketball over his signature, large "Isiah Thomas" and "Detroit Pistons" and "11".

Partnership with the Detroit Pistons 

This winter, the Detroit Historical Society has teamed up with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the Detroit Pistons to offer our guests free tickets to Detroit Pistons any home game in February and March. 

To get the tickets, all you need to do is visit the Detroit Historical Museum! All guests will recieve a QR code on a ticket voucher that they can use to redeem two free Pistons tickets through the Piston's website. 


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Detroit sports teams are at the center of many of Detroit's best stories, which is why our Museum is filled with the triumphs, championships and spirit of Detroit's legendary teams. From Joe Louis to the Bad Boys, we've got it all!

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