What kind of events can you help me host at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum?

The Dossin Great Lakes Museum is the perfect place to host weddings, corporate events, birthday celebrations, nonprofit fundraisers and more! We are able to accommodate 25 to 400 guests. The Detroit Historical Society does not allow any type of event that opens ticket sales to the general public. Let our event specialists help you determine how much space you need. 

Can I rent the Museum during normal business hours?

In many cases, you can host your event during regular hours. Ask our event specialist if your event qualifies. 

For how many hours can I rent space?

Events are typically four hours in length with an hour and half beforehand for set-up and an hour afterward for clean-up. If you need more event or set-up time, please inquire about the fee for additional hours. Please note that evening events must end by midnight. 

Is there a fee to access Belle Isle State Park?

Belle Isle State Park is accessible with a State of Michigan Recreation Passport. For more information regarding entrance to Belle Isle and Recreation Passports, contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources at 1-844-BELLE-PK (1-844-235-5375) or visit michiqan.gov/recreationpassport

Is parking available for my guests?

The parking lot adjacent to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum is neither owned nor managed by the Society. Please inquire about parking options on Belle Isle. 

What audio/visual equipment is available at the Museum?

The basic audio/visual package includes a microphone, speaker and podium, while the advanced package includes (in addition) a wireless microphone, lap-top, screen, and projector. There is an additional $25 fee, per hour, for an audio visual technician.

May I bring my own caterer?

All catering for facility rentals at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum must be provided by one of our approved caterers. If you have religious dietary restrictions that are not addressed with this list, please let us know and we may be able to make an allowance. Please find our list of suggested caterers listed here

Does the Detroit Historical Society have a liquor license?

Although we do not hold a liquor license, you may serve adult beverages at your event. Nonprofits may apply for a special liquor license through the State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission. Private events and businesses may serve adult beverages as long as there is no cost for the beverages, food or to attend the event. Contact our event specialist for more information. Your caterer must be hired to serve adult beverages at your event.

Is security available?

There will be a minimum of two Society staff members present for all rental events. Security can be added to your rental for an additional fee. The Museum reserves the right to require security, depending on the size and nature or your event. 

What is included with my event rental?

The Society can provide the use of our on-site tables and chairs at no additional cost for indoor events. Furniture to be used outdoors must be rented from an outside company. Access to the entire museum is included for rentals of over $600. Entire museum access can be added to smaller rentals for an additional $150. Linens, decor, food and beverages must be provided by an outside vendor. The Society is willing to procure any outside rentals you desire for a 20% service fee. 

Does the Museum alllow equipment from outside rental companies?

You are welcome to rent additional equipment from outside rental companies. The museum staff is not responsible for the load in, set up, teardown, or storage of additional rental equipment.

More questions?

Please call 313.833.1733 to schedule a free consultation with our event specialist.